Bimi® profile rises

03 August 2018

Bimi® profile rises

Awareness of Bimi® - the European sister brand to Tenderstem®- is growing. Coregeo® took over the licensing and marketing of the brand in 2016 and sales rose by 50% in 2017.

The commercial strategy has focussed on ensuring the brand is properly represented in store, finding the best agency partners in each territory, creating content (branded packaging, photos and recipe inspiration) and developing a new website with country-specific content. The website will be ready in the autumn and will facilitate better analytics and tracking. PR and social media is primarily being used to generate interest, with generic social media ‘brand’ posts developed in the UK. Agencies in each country then add their own customer insight and local translations to the posts. Collaborations with bloggers, newsletters, promotions and gastronomic events are all helping to boost the brand’s profile and drive sales.

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